Holland Sport Boat Centre
Zuiderzeeweg 2
NL-1095 KG Amsterdam
Tel 0031 (0) 20 694 75 27
Laatste verandering:  26.2.2019 Prijs (EUR):  17.995,00 incl. BTW
Keuze:  Motorjacht Bouwjaar:  nieuw
Lengte:  1,80 m / 5,90 fuss Breedte:  0,60 m
max. Diepgang:  0,10 m Ligplaats:  Nederland, IN VERKOOPHAVEN, IN VERKOOPHAVEN
Conditie:  als nieuw Trailer:  Geen Trailer
Intern nummer:  1317944    
Interieur: The first-ever JetSurf full electric board combines JetSurf?s top-class manoeuvrability with environmental benefits.The first-ever JetSurf full electric board combines JetSurf?s top-class manoeuvrability with environmental benefits. JetSurf electric is based on JetSurf experience and delivers its typical perfect manoeuvrability secured by jetsurf race chassis. Powerful electric power unit will deliver high torque to keep the jetsurf dna involved. JETSURF Electric S is equipped with a Battery Management System cooling the batteries when charging. The board will allow its rider to switch between ECO mode for longer cruising or BOOSTER for higher performance and maximum speed. The JETSURF electric powered board weighs 29 kilograms and exchangeable batteries provide 35 minutes of riding time. BATTERY PACK JETSURF Electric S Battery Pack can be fully charged within 1,5 hours and offers 25 minutes of riding in sporty regime. The power unit is exchangeable and reaches the maximum speed of 55 km/h. The Electric S model is equipped with battery management system cooling the battery when charging or discharging. JETSURF ELECTRIC - HULL The Electric model doesn't lose anything from the DNA of JETSURF family. To keep perfect maneuverability and speed in the corners, the JETSURF Electric model is available with full carbon fibre JETSURF Race hull shape. BOOSTER JETSURF ELECTRIC S model was designed to be environmentaly friendly and to keep JETSURF DNA in its riding characteristics. Great weight distribution and fast turning make this fully electric board agile craft to ride. With button on the handle, rider can boost the power and enjoy the speed from turbo effect. SILENCE Feel absolutely free riding JETSURF. Electric version of battery powered board is perfectly silent and 100 % emission free. Enjoy your ride wherever you like, ride JETSURF ELECTRIC. SAFETY FIRST The ergonomic straps and footpads made of specialized memory foam connect the riders to the boards, allowing for jumps, airs, grabs and even flips. The straps are placed for ideal weight distribution on the board making it nearly impossible to slip off the board. Opties: The TUBE Brand new accessory equipment by JETSURF MOTORIZED SURFBOARD. Looking for easier jetsurfing beginnings? Would you like to let your children share the board or just welcome more buoyancy? Then, the Tube will definitely be your favourite. A rubber fitted to your board will create one of the most stable surfing crafts. This inflatable accessory will not take up too much space for transport, and could easily be strapped to all JETSURF models. Specs: ENGINE TYPE Electric TOP SPEED 55 km/h / 34.17 mph BATTERY PACK BATTERY CAPACITY 3kWh (59 Ah) VOLTAGE under 60 V BATTERY COOLING SYSTEM Partly water cooled DRIVE UNIT PROPULSION SYSTEM Jet-Pump direct drive RACING PUMP Carbon fiber; Axial flow; single stage RACING IMPELLER Carbon fiber